Attorney Rachel M. Baird

 American News West Coast Reporter JC Playford Obtains Video of SDCSD Deputy Threatening Park Ranger

  • JC Playford shoots news for American News and Information Services in Southern California and is the plaintiff in a First Amendment federal complaint filed by Attorney Baird. The court in San Diego recently dismissed four of the counts in a Sepember 17, 2014, Decision but left pending First Amendment failure to train and retaliatory animus claims against the County of San Diego with leave to amend Playford's false arrest claim. The retaliatory animus count claims that Playford has been the focus of harrassment by police officers in San Diego County based on the exercise of his First Amendment right to report the news.

    Playford has been following an incident in Del Mar, California and only through his tenacity in following up on Freedom of Information Act requests obtained this video ... 

    I'm Not Citing you. Because you are a Deputy.





    Posted: 9/25/2014