Attorney Rachel M. Baird

 Spotlight on Connecticut's Under Secretary of Criminal Justice and Policy

  • At the Connecticut Criminal Justice Police Commission's October 30, 2014, meeting chaired by Office of Policy and Management Under Secretary Mike Lawlor of group of researchers from Yale, Duke, and UCONN offered a 16-page Power Point presentation titled "Research Study of Connecticut's 'Dangerous Persons' Gun Seizure Law." In a December 11, 2014, letter to Under Secretary Lawlor, Attorney Baird wrote:

    So far the Waterbury Republican American, The New Haven Register, and The Connecticut Law Tribune have reported on the project as if the research is sponsored by esteemed institutions such as Yale, Duke, and UCONN. Not one of these media outlets disclosed that the research project is in fact sponsored by the New Venture Fund and the Elizabeth K. Dollard Trust. Not one of these media outlets disclosed the association between the New Venture Fund and The Joyce Foundation. The media relied on Under Secretary Lawlor and the Commission who, similar to economics professor Jonathan Gruber, simply think the media and the public are stupid.”

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    Posted: 1/31/2015