Attorney Rachel M. Baird

 Ex Parte Restraining Orders and Firearms - Letter to Judiciary re: Proposed S.B. No. 56, S.B. No. 650, H.B. No. 5069

  • In an email reproduced below to the Connecticut General Assembly's Judiciary Committee, Attorney Baird asks Co-Chairs Senator Coleman and Representative Tong and Ranking Members Senator Kissel and Representative Rebimbas to review her Letter addressing the ex parte restraining order process in Connecticut:

    Dear Chairman Coleman, Chairman Tong, Ranking Member Kissel, and Ranking Member Rebimbas:

    I delivered a letter to Governor Malloy  in September 2014 regarding the ex parte restraining order process in Connecticut with five proposals to better protect victims of domestic violence. My letter to Governor Malloy is a blueprint for any elected official concerned about domestic violence.

    The proposals I have seen this legislative session regarding the ex parte restraining order process confirm that elected officials do not know or do not care to know what happens in Connecticut courts on a daily basis.

    The attached letter with Appendix A and Appendix B invites you, the proponents of proposed S.B. 56, S.B. 650, and H.B. 5069, and members of the General Assembly to focus on legislation that will accomplish the stated purpose of affording greater protections to victims of domestic violence while at the same time providing those who have not been arrested for any crime the due process that guarantees individual firearms owners a core, fundamental right to possess firearms for self-defense. A next business day hearing in court, the same due process granted individuals who have been arrested, accomplishes both.


    Rachel M. Baird, Attorney 



    Posted: 3/2/2015