Attorney Rachel M. Baird

 Federal Case Filed Against City of Waterbury By Principal Acquitted of Criminal Charges

  • A federal complaint filed yesterday by our office on behalf of former Waterbury principal Maria Moulthrop challenges the State Department of Education to move forward in concluding its investigation of purported irregularities in the 2011 administration of the Connectifict Mastery Tests at Hopeville Elementary School in Waterbury. 

    Nearly 42 months have passed since the SDOE commissioner found probable cause to institute formal revocation procedures against Moulthrop; however, since the SDOE commissioner has never provided the requisite statutory notice to trigger the fifteen-day period for Moulthrop to request a hearing which would trigger the sixty-day period to hold a hearing to challenge the revocation, the SDOE commissioner has purposely and maliciously denied Moulthrop a timely opportunity for hearing to clear her name and reputation to seek employment. The SDOE commissioner buttressed the unsupported findings in Attorney Dorsey’s September 13, 2011, report with Moulthrop’s June 28, 2012, criminal arrest to find probable cause to institute revocation proceedings then avoided notice to Moulthrop and the trigger of the fifteen-day period in anticipation that the June 27, 2012, criminal arrest would result in a felony plea, conviction, or agreement as part of a criminal plea negotiation to surrender her educator certificates, any of which would have resulted in the automatic revocation of Moulthrop’s four educator certifications and avoided the statutory requirement of a hearing if requested by Moulthrop after receiving notice. Moulthrop was acquitted of all criminal charges on November 12, 2014, after the submission of testimony and evidence through eleven witnesses including Slavin, McKnight, Frost, Marold, Pannone, Biolo, and a TD Bank, N.A. representative and more than 500 exhibits during the prosecution’s case-in-chief.

    Today's Republican American reports on the federal complaint and related events in "A twist on 'manipulation': Former Waterbury principal says lawyer protected city in 2011 scandal."





    Posted: 2/11/2016