Attorney Rachel M. Baird

 Forecast 2014: Gun Owners Worry About Enforcement Of Laws

  • The Connecticut Law Tribune asked Attorney Baird at the end of 2013 to submit a commentary on her forecast for the year ahead for gun owners in Connecticut. An excerpt from the commentary addresses the deficiencies at the state police Special Licensing and Firearms Unit, the agency tasked with implementing and administering the new laws related to firearms in Connecticut:

    "The chaos in the Firearms Unit will become even more apparent after Jan. 1, 2014, and doubtless be attributed by apologists to the burdens placed upon State Police in implementing complex new laws. But the new statutes have simply exposed what any attorney with a firearms practice in Connecticut has known for years: the Firearms Unit does not know the law, and holds local police departments, the legislature, courts, and ultimately firearms owners at its mercy because few have the courage and confidence in their own knowledge of the law to question State Police about firearms matters."

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    Posted: 3/17/2014