Attorney Rachel M. Baird

 Attorney Baird Comments in FOX NEWS Associated Press Article on Firearms Seizure Warrants

  • In the FOX NEWS July 6, 2014-Associated Press article, "States look to gun seizure law after mass killings,"  Attorney Baird, Richard Burgess of Connecticut Carry, South Windsor Police Chief Matthew Reed, and Undersecretary Michael Lawlor comment on the example the Connecticut Risk Warrant statute presents for other states to follow.

    "Rachel Baird, a Connecticut lawyer who has represented many gun owners, said one of the biggest problems with the state's law is that police are abusing it. She said she has had eight clients whose guns were siezed by police who obtained the required warrants after taking possession of the guns.

    'It's stretched and abused and since it's firearms, the courts go along with it,' Baird said of the law."




    Posted: 7/7/2014